Welcome to the Journey – Joy Quest 60 Days to a Happy Life

We are learning to live a life of Joy. In that joy beautiful desires are free to manifest in our lives.

These pages keep you up to date of the writing and publishing of “Joy Quest – 60 Days to a Happy Life”

Also with the updates are regular blog posts, podcasts, videos, live and virtual events and speaking and tour schedule (Coming Soon) to keep you inspired and moving away from worry and stress and towards joy and satisfaction

Latest from the Blog

New Year’s Resolutions

The new year, 2021, is almost here. I have been giving it a lot of thought because usually, we set New Year Resolutions. This year, the difference is that we were thrown into the realm of the unknown. 2020 was a year of the new and unexpected. We thought in January that this year would …

Discovering Your Joy Quest

My passion project for the last year has been writing my latest book, “Joy Quest: The Journey to True Happiness.” I am happy to say that it is almost complete. I am plugging away at the final edits and uploading as I go. Joy Quest is a big accomplishment that I hope and pray will …

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